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Our Office is setup to provide the following services for Arbitration hearings and conferences:


  • Zoom hearings will be implemented using the following security measures for all arbitrations conducted by Zoom.

  • a unique, randomly-generated meeting ID;

  • a unique, randomly-generated meeting password to be admitted to the meeting; and will use of the “waiting room feature” to ensure that only invited participants are admitted to the meeting.



  • This platform offers features such as screen sharing, meeting recording, and instant messaging.

  • Provides each unique participant a password in order to enter the session.

  • The Arbitrator has total control and can lock the room once the session begins to restrict others from accessing the videoconference.

Microsoft Teams

  • Microsoft Teams has the capacity to facilitate video links that make the hearing room more accessible and can make the process of accessing the hearing more cognizant of the human element. In turn, this feeds into creating and maintaining participant's trust and confidence in the vitual hearing process.

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